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The Labrador, a hunting dog

How to use the Labrador in the hunt?

"There is nothing worse for the future of a breed that to be fashionable. This involves systematically intensive production, which always goes against the inherent quality of the breed and that will mean the systematic dissolution of the genetic heritage."

The Labrador is a Retriever. The English term means "collector". Collecting wild prays during insane hunts without the purpose of trying to impress a neighbor.

Unfortunately, the qualities of the Labrador Retriever are stalling due to a mismanaged selection, focused exclusively on beauty. A farmer working animal cannot be a heavy, fat, lymph, with a stop and as we now see more often in the exhibition rings. It has to be fast, energetic, fit for training, with olfactory power, which contribute to making it a true specialist collector.

A Labrador, whose role is to invest just after the shot has to innately possess a natural charge, enabling it to perform the function for which it was created: to find and collect the pray.

The "leaf through" or "hand game" without a doubt are the game modes in which people use the Labrador most frequently. Sitting next to his owner, it will remain quiet in his place.

His sense of dialing will send the payment once and bring the hunted wherever they are.

In a "leap of ducks", fans of water prays cannot pass without his partner. The conditions under which this activity is done will require a effective Labrador, endowed with an excellent visual memory, with a developed sense of smell and which is an excellent swimmer.

The Labrador's natural abilities to hunt:

The dualness of dog shows have led to banalize the act of collecting of these dogs. However, the action of a common dog will never be as effective as a dog expert.

The Labrador Retriever is a specialist, and is the specialist of collection..

On the art and form, there lies all the difference with a common dog.

Our labrador is a formula 1 of the collection. If this ability is innate among selected dog lineages born for work is just the accumulation of a number of concurrent qualities. A good Labrador must be endowed with great finesse smell. The marking is the essential quality of the Labrador, this natural ability allows it to determine and memorize the exact drop point of the dam. This quality is not learned, it is innate. Obviously you can improve through practice and training.

The Labradors are also able to track down a duck through water even if it is out of sight, as well as finding it in the reedbed where it is hiding.

Some Labrador use another technique that is supposed to spin around the drop point and enlarge those laps of course, so the scope is larger. This is a test of intelligence and passion for the search.

The courage and the will to find their prey are other characteristics of the breed: a Retriever has to be resilient in the worst weather conditions, especially in wetlands, in order to withstand the cold, wind and cold water, still the standing next to its owner; its concentration should never fail.

Focused in his only goal, It goes in search of the fallen prey and sent to the collection. I should never feel lost or give up under any difficulty that it may find.

These qualities, only in rare exceptions, are only possessed by the selected Labrador coming from working parents.

The British experts on cinephilia are not mistaken when it comes to selection. The world's best working lineages have blood only imported from English parents.

Even if combining beauty with good intent is laudable, the selection must focus on improving, above all, the qualities of a hunter of the Labrador, to exercise the function for which it was created: "HUNT".


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