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The great dates of the Labrador

The following is a chronology of more than a hundred years of the history if Saint John’s dogs, also known as Newfoundland Water dog, Black Water dog or what is currently known as Labrador Retriever.

The first dogs imported from Saint John arrive to England.

In the book "Instruction to young sportsmen" the first official mention of the Labrador Retriever appears.

The painter, Edward Landsser, left the first painted trace of the Labrador at the time. The picture was called "Cora, una femmelle labrador". It is also interesting that the female had White spots, which were, later on, taken out from the selection

The kennels specialized on Labrador is no longer rare on the other side of the channel, where the black dogs were used to get the pray, which are frequently found in the breed of the Game Keepers.

The quarantine (six months in which imported dogs are no permitted) is established in Great Britain.

 Two yellow puppies appeared in a litter from Buccleunch’s breeding house and they were born from black parents.

The first yellow Labrador, Ben of Hyde, which was born in the breeding house Major c.j Radclyffe is registered officially in the United Kingdom.

The Kennel Club, officially, recognized the Labrador on the 7th of July and incorporates it officially to the nomenclature of the sporting group on November 3rd.

In January, the Labrador, finally, obtains its own classes of exposition, different to the ones of the rest of the Retrievers.

The Retriever Club in France opened.

More than 200 puppies are registered by the Kennel Club.

The birth of the dean of the breed clubs.The Labrador Retriever Club, thanks to two of the forerunner leaders, the Countess Lady Loma Howe ( who would be famous because of her election of black Labradors under the affix Banchory) and Lord Knutsford, whose Munden affix is present in the genes of all the Labradors nowadays.

Almost 1,000 puppies were born in English breeding houses.

The honorable A. Holland Hibbert writes an article in which he states the different items of the standard of 1916.

Establishment of the Yellow Labrador Club Retriever.

Creation of The Labrador Retreiver Club Incorporation in EEUU.

1932-1933: On two consecutive years, the black Labrador, champion Bramshow Bob won the supreme best in Show en the Crufts exposition. .

The Labrador is again benefited by the great interest show on the other side of the atlantic by getting the first North American seal impressed with its figure ( the represented dog was a black Labrador called King Buck).

The English breeders are in shock due to the murder of the excellent breeder Joan Macan who worked for over more than 50 years for the well-being of the Labrador.

The Labrador was at the top of the favorite breeds by the British with 26,392 registrations in the origin books of the Kennel Club.

The Labrador gets the first place in the oficial American Rank. This record is maintained until today. .

Record year for the English breeding; 36,000 subscriptions that year.

The world breeders find out about the news of Gwen Broadley's disappearance, to whom some people assume him as the father of Labrador's modern selection regarding Sandyland's affix. Fortunately, the selection continues under the coordination of Erika Hayes, a famous Handler of breeding champions.

The Labrador Retriever Club celebrates a hundred years of the breed in the marvelous Belvoir Castle, in which nearly 1,000 Labradors were exposed for two days.

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